Rui Shu 束 锐

I am recently a Ph.D. student in the RAISE Lab (Real-world Artifical Intelligence for Software Engineering) at North Carolina State University, under the supervision of Dr. Tim Menzies. My interest includes machine learning optimization. I am expected to graduate in 2020.

I achieved my master degree in Peking University in 2014 and obtained my bachelor degree in Beijing Jiaotong University in 2010.

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I am now interested in machine learning optimization. I was working in Docker security issues, including identifying security vulnerabilities in Docker images, and detecting security anomalies in Docker containers using machine learning techniques.


A Study of Security Vulnerabilities on Docker Hub
Rui Shu, Xiaohui Gu, William Enck
Proceedings of the Seventh ACM on Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY), 2017
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In this paper, we study the state of security vulnerabilities in Docker Hub images. We create a scalable Docker image vulnerability analysis (DIVA) framework that automatically discovers, downloads, and analyzes both official and community images on Docker Hub. Using our framework, we have studied 356,218 images and made several findings.

This paper is also introduced in the morning paper and ACM's official Twitter.


A Study of Security Isolation Techniques
Rui Shu, Peipei Wang, Sigmund A Gorski III, Benjamin Andow, Adwait Nadkarni, Luke Deshotels, Jason Gionta, William Enck, Xiaohui Gu
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 2016
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This article seeks to understand existing security isolation techniques by systematically classifying different approaches and analyzing their properties. We provide a hierarchical classification structure for grouping different security isolation techniques.

Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Computing - Java (CSC 116) - Spring 2019 (NCSU)

Operating System Principles (CSC 501) - Fall 2018 (NCSU)

Computer Organization and Assembly Language (CSC 236) - Fall 2017 (NCSU)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CSC 505) - Spring 2015 (NCSU)

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists (CSC 226) - Spring 2015 (NCSU)

Programming Concept - Java (CSC 216) - Fall 2014 (NCSU)

Introduction to Information Technology - Fall 2012 (PKU)

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